•  6 * 75 min interactive webinars across 3 months. Small group size


  • Access to video and audio recordings for download


  • A online forum for sharing observations and questions


  • ​WhenStarting April 15th (time TBC)


  • Cost: £245. Early bird £195, sign up by April 1st 

"​Sharing an understanding of the 3 Principles & Living from the Inside Out" 


  •  Are you a coach or change professional who is curious about the wonderful power of the 3 Principles and the Inside Out understanding?


  • By deepening your own grounding, you will transform your ability to have a greater impact on your clients.


  • Gain new levels of insight and realisation about your understanding of how we create our experience.


  • Regardless to how much you think you already know on this, area the nature of this understanding means your grounding can always deepen to new levels​


  • Limited places to ensure a high degree of interaction

  The programme content is based on the needs of the participants, however, we will cover:


  • During the course of 3 months, we will explore and share the grounding that enables you to not only tranform the freedom, well-being and success of your own life but also enable that change in your clients. 

  • The role of the 'inside out' paradigm and the 3 Principles

  • Understand the approach that underpins deep transformative coaching

  • Uncover your resourcefulness for business-building creativity 

  • Whether you are looking to be a 3P based coach or a teacher of the 3P this programme will enable you to learn and share from others, and deepen your own grounding

  • Quite simply, this will transform the value you add to your clients.  

More about the webinar (4mins)
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A very different approach to change:


  • One that doesn't rely on models, techniques or proscriptions


  • One that facilitates substantial permanent change


  • As for what you need to be as a coach? - a suitable grounding, and then simple effortless authenticity


  • Based on the 3 Principles of Sydney Banks developed further by Michael Neill

Sample: If you want to sample a recording from a previous series contact me