"So different to what I had expected - massively exceeded my expectations as to the difference this made to my life. Hard to explain how powerful it is. You have to experience it."

 -Nick, London 

A different kind of coaching - Transformative conversations


It is more about understanding the electricity not the lights bulbs!


Some coaching assists people in getting from 'A' to 'B', enabling you to create and reach your goals, which can give you more of what you want in the outside world, in order to higher level happiness and success.  


However if you are looking for a more transformative change - an 'inside-out' shift, a deepening of your sense of self, and greater access to your own innate creativity, inspiration and higher wisdom....then the transformative coaching approach will appeal. Now some ‘traditional’ coaching might happen to get you there as well, but the emergence of the field of transformative coaching means it can happen in an effortless, elegant and truly sustainable way.


It goes beyond the framework of a coach trying to solve your problems and give covert advice and tools, towards transforming how you think about yourself and your world. It's about seeing what we can't normally see, and creating realisations and insights.  


Some might call it spiritual coaching; others would say the impact is completely practical. It is a different kind of non-intellectual learning, 'inside-out'. It is based on 'The Three Principles' which are a way of understanding how human experience is sourced, constructed and manifested by us. The insight this can provide creates a huge leap in your well-being in any area of your life. 


The way we get there is through a series of conversations where I, as the coach, point you towards some fundamental principles about our human experience and provide some space for reflection, which enables you to have the ability to create insights that can quite literally transform the way you see the world. The benefits are infinite and holistic because it isn't about achieving a goal, or some form of success in a specific external context. Instead this shifts how you see the world and what is true for you. It is universal and accessible by anyone and everyone regardless of age, background or brains.  Find out more here >>


Lets talk about what it isn't : 

  • There is no need for intelluctualising and analysis (actually it is better if there is none!) 

  • There are no techniques or stage processes 

  • It doesn't require learning or practice (not in the traditional sense anyway) 

  • There are no behavioural prescriptions  

  • I don't try to fix you or help you 

  • Once you get it, it doesn't wear off 


So what is it? 

  • Rather than the understanding of some new idea or techniques you gain a realisation and understanding of something that is real and true,  So that you understand how to work in alignment with, and optimise  your psychological system


  • It is non-specific and without context, but we use examples from your life 


  • You end up not being a human with different stuff and goals, but a different human all together 


  • As a result, everything feels different. You connect to your soul and purpose and the rest is just logistics....


Transformative Coaching

"100% of our feeling in any moment, is coming from 100% of our thinking."
"A fresh understanding of what is creating our psychological experience changes everything"