For the past 7 years, I have worked as a trainer in Coaching Skills, Leadership and The 3 Principles – and all the behaviours they encompass.


I have trained more than 750 people in Coaching Skills, and have also trained and mentored many other life and business coaches. My training is executed under organisational change company Making Change Work.


My training expertise integrates course design and delivery, and I have developed several courses that have become highly regarded in the industry:


- 'Coaching Fundamentals' 2 Day Workshop >>

- 'Manager as Coach' programmes for organisations >>

- Advanced Coaching Skills & NLP Practitioner Course  >>

- An Introductory Programme 'The 3 Principles for Change Professionals' >> 


My Training Style

Training is facilitating the inside-out learning of others. My style is emergent, interactive and reflective. I tend not to train to a schedule or a workbook (although we might start and end with one). I respond to what is front of me in the room. 

Mindset Transformation Coaching for Organisations or Life in London

To find out more about my training, visit my organisational change company, Making Change Work