From my experience and expertise I have learnt that the best way to make change actually stick for my clients is to focus on the true source of the opportunity or issue - the human factor. And, more specifically, the quality of an individual's thinking and mindset in any moment. So it is often useful to  make a distinction between 'front of the eyes' change and 'behind the eyes' change. 


  • Front of the eyes change - typically creates new or amended systems, processes, organisational design, and new product offerings etc. for people to behave differently in. 


  • Behind the eyes change - creates new mindsets and perspectives, creativity, resilience, better human connections and personal motivations. 


Behind the eyes change is achieved by enabling higher levels of Quality of Mind in the organisation. This is done most effectively and overtly, through enabling an understanding and education of Quality of Mind, or it can be stimulated more tactically via a facilitative technique, for example: Appreciative Inquiry, Dynamic Facilitation, NLP, De Bono and Clean Language/Symbolic Modelling.



So what exactly is Quality of Mind? 


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