‘I just wanted to thank you for the powerful session we had together recently. The way you worked with me was so flawless and seamless. There was such a wonderful flow it was a real joy to be a part of! Although I have tried various processes to alleviate this problem, I have been unsuccessful – until now. The work that we did was intense yet incredibly necessary for I am already seeing/feeling the benefits of our session.Thank you for all you do and for offering your services online – I am delighted that I can be anywhere in the world and still receive the help I need’.
Michelle,  Ireland, Founder of Release, International
EFT Trainer

"After years of battling with issues I thought were fundamental to my character, I have finally seen the light and realised I can be someone who is positive about life and happy in my own skin. All this I owe to Piers. No matter how difficult you think you might be to work with, I would recommend him to anyone. "
Claire, South London

"A huge thank you for the amazing work you’ve done with me. Having never  had a coach before I wasn’t sure what to expect or whether I could “do it” so to speak. You kept me believing that it would work and sure enough it did – and totally transformed my outlook on life and my view of dealing with anxiety, which is now no longer an issue thanks to our sessions.” 
Jake, Islington

“Life is such a great adventure and it’s fantastic that you have the gift to enable people like me to step outside themselves to realise that”. 
Martin, Kent 

“When I was in the eye of the storm at work, Piers’s coaching kept me centered and sane. I even called a halt to one particularly hard meeting and called him for advice on how to carry on and I won!” 

Charlotte, Putney

"Piers, I just have to say from my heart “thank you” for our session today. What a profound experience and a massive shift in my awareness and consciousness.
Jackie, Brussels

 “I used to think that my personality and beliefs were fixed, and that I’d be stuck with my limitations, fears and anxieties for the rest of my life. But working with Piers has totally changed my outlook……”

Matt, Surrey 

“Life I first went to see Piers for some help in improving my confidence in delivering presentations for work. Back then I was shy, reclusive, in a job I hated and generally not very happy. The focus soon changed to my general personal development, and In the last 18 months I have made some big changes and done things I could only dream of doing previously. I am now about to head off overseas to start a new job working for one of the most successful brands in the world. I highly recommend hiring Piers as a life coach. 

Eric, Marble Arch

"Completely exceeded my expectations; changed who I am as a coach and a person”  

Matthew, London

"He gets results. It is the best money I've ever spent"

Nick, York

"Amazing. Everything feels so clear and simple, my life has effortlessly shifted. This transformation has a magical quality to it" Lauren, Paris

"Piers has a gift to help others tap into their own resourcefulness. Experience it!

Roz, London

"What I have realised through my coaching resonates with every cell of my body, My life and work feels very different, I feel much more connected and at ease."

Bridget, Brisbane

"Piers' powerful session on limiting beliefs helped me unlock a desire to swim across the English Channel.

Michael, Canberra, Australia