"Piers is a fantastic coach and facilitator.  He has a wonderful grounding of the principles of ‘quality of mind’ in how we create our experience of life, and is able to make this understanding both accessible and relevant to his clients.  He is an excellent presenter and quickly captivates an audience. Piers offers years of experience in facilitating cultural change within organisation by stimulating individual insight along the way.  He addresses a growing need for an awareness of the true foundations of human behaviour, whether this be at work, at home or at play." Louise Tufnell, Mind 2 Matter

"Of the many people I've met in the world of training and coaching over the years, Piers is the one I perceive has the best knowledge and most integrity therefore when I was looking to be coached, he was the obvious choice. He helped me enormously and has been very supportive of my journey as a coach. I could not recommend him highly enough.

Debbie Fisher Coaching - London

“I have learnt more about myself, others and the world in these 8 days, than I ever thought possible! It is a must for coaches, and for people who want to grow and learn about themselves."

“The content was skilfully presented with great clarity and openness, giving space for genuine discussion, which can be quite rare. Fine modelling of the craft, beyond merely the demonstration of skill”.   

Andrew Dixon,  M.D. at SVGC Ltd

“I would always think of Piers first if I were to require a facilitator of the first rank. I have never seen anyone do it better." Dr Ossie Stuart - Equality & Diversity Consultant 

'We have worked with Piers on a number of projects here at Anglepoise. He combines a mature commercial sense with effective people development skills to bring the best out of individuals within the team. Would not hesitate to recommend and shall certainly be using him again.” - Owner Anglepoise Ltd

“Piers is one of the most

articulate teachers of the

Three Principles"

Tzsi Whether, President Twerski Wellness Institute, New York

“I loved it!  Amazingly insightful. I feel I can now make change work and stick. Life changing - thank you, Piers!

Thanks again for what you have done. The change you have helped us make will be with us always..’’ Principle Partner Law Firm

“Piers has the ability to sprinkle gold dust of clarity as he interacts with a group, a rare talent indeed.’’

Dr Lilian Beattie, President of the Adlerian Society UK 


“Piers is a consummate professional with a thorough knowledge of his subject area. His ability to build rapport with his trainees and adapt the topic to suit his audience is exemplary and inspires trust. Not only is he an eloquent and passionate trainer but his authenticity and integrity as a person is what ultimately shines through - and that is what really marks him out from the crowd” 

CEO at The Clement James Centre

“Everything seems very different now. What used to be problems don't feel the same, and I keep getting insights on new ways to deal with things"