Did you think it was all about how smart you were?

You might be an effective, task focused, successful achiever, but are you really experiencing your life in the best way possible?

See whether you can relate to this type of person:

  • You get stuff done, you are focused, efficient, considered, and you operate well and consistently produce good outcomes and results.

  • You listen to others in order to get stuff done and find solutions.

  • You are respected in the workplace, a 'safe pair of hands' who delivers. Your career progression is positive.

  • At home you navigate the family and the game of life effectively. You are responsible, you 'step up' to duty and challenge, you manage well, and occasionally thrive.

  • You are 'on it' and alert; a smart person - assessing situations, seeing problems and opportunities early, often strategising different options.

  • When it comes to others, you might look at some people and see them be a bit distracted, faff about, and not that robust or considered in their logic or resulting actions - life and work seems a bit chaotic to them. They do get by and seem happy enough, but are they really achieving their potential? (Also you secretly fear you might have a side of you that is bit like them).

Now I’m sure some of you are reading this thinking this kind of person is exactly where I want to be - or if you are a boss, you might be thinking how you would benefit from more of that type of employee in the organisation.

But if you are one of those people, and I certainly was - reflect for a moment. If you do, you might spot there is a normalised invisible busyness to your mind?

This might look useful and necessary to you, as it means you are alert, assessing situations and strategising. And you justify that normalised busyness, because when you look at others they look slow, contemplative, and sometimes seemingly irrelevant - nice people to be around (but is anything going to happen at this slow pace? What are they really achieving?) …although occasional wonder what it would be like to be focused.

Can you have best of both? Be a truly effective achiever and have that reflective spacious mind that allows you to go with the flow and see new ideas?

Do you really know what are you missing when you are invisibly stuck in that achiever 'mode'? I couldn’t - until I came out of it.

What I couldn't see was that my default was always my intellectual learnt mind, full of personal concepts from my well developed 'hard drive'.

Can you combine being a high achiever, being 'on it' and also tap into a deep sense of connection and fulfillment, and enjoy the journey as much as the result?

And we are not just talking here about being able to get more satisfaction from life and being more present, we are also talking about your ability to see beyond your personal constructs, gain new perspectives and therefore see ideas and opportunities with the freedom to take advantage of them. So increased well-being, connection and success. The holy trinity ....

Yes. Is the answer. How?

So ‘can you have the best of both - be a truly effective achiever and have that reflective spacious mind that allows you to go with the flow and see new ideas?'

Have a read again above to see whether you might be invisibly stuck in a mode that is inadvertently meaning you miss out on potential and well-being.

So why do we not see we are stuck in this worldview? Maybe because it has to an extent worked for us so far, and seems to be respected and rewarded in the game of life, we don’t look much further. So, ‘if it ain't broke don’t fix it', and even if doesn’t seem to be working we don’t really know where else to turn.

Well, this poses two questions - 1) What is the alternative? Where else is there to look to access new levels of resourcefulness and well-being? and 2)What is available there in terms of new potential ?

This might sound a little odd, but we need to look more ‘upstream’ to how the human system works in order to get a clue to the answer; we need to see that we are more than just a bunch of molecules and electromagnetic waves. Even the heady world of science is now acknowledging there are something else they can’t put their finger on yet that determines how we create our reality (check out these talks from Donald Hoffman or this article in the Guardian ).

So we probably all know intuitively, even just in the odd moment, it feels like there is a significantly greater level of clarity, creativity, resilience, & connection available to us, but we have no idea what fuels it or how to access it. Just imagine if we did...

Now, in an attempt to try and make this capacity, which is in essence an ineffable formless spiritual intelligence, less intangible we use a construct called the 'understanding the principles behind Quality of Mind', which basically means falling awake to the fact that

a) we create our experience of our reality in each moment and

b) we have access to a capacity that is ‘beyond’ our personal thought constructs.

Let me expand slightly.... we all have a 'learnt mind' and have developed well-conditioned personal constructs that we use to help navigate the world as we see it. We learn to psychologically manage our mind and our relationship to the outside world.

....But if that is all we think we have available, life becomes (in a slowly, and invisibly normalised way) muted, limited, and we ‘live in our heads’ - comfortably numb to the potential around us.

And that potential is not just about ‘feeling better’, smelling the roses, and being more transcendent to ‘reality’ (or whatever else you fear it might bring that would get in the way of success ), but it also can lead to highly effective business performance and a desire to make a real difference.

So, our intellect, smarts, and psychological processing is certainly one aspect to our human resourcefulness, but realizing (and it needs be accessed through realisation not intellect) that there is much more available can be a complete game changer to every aspect of life or work.

I leave it to Einstein to so eloquently sum it up “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Curious to know more?

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