Wisdom: Not all it’s cracked up to be?

Is wisdom is overrated? I am curious

Ok be honest how many of you out there with some 3p understanding have found themselves hanging out in the space for some wisdom? I know I have, often.

But why? Well probably because, if you are like me you think that what wisdom will come up with is better than what is currently going on. Which implies there is somewhere to get to, i.e. your wellbeing is conditional on something. I realise this might be invisible cognitively, in that there is no consciousness thinking tell you that, but we still feel it, and it runs the show for a bit.

Also we hear (especially in the 3p community) it is okay have rubbish experiences or be 'fine with not being fine' because wisdom has our back. But why would we need wisdom to have our back? Protect us from what? Where are we trying to get to, get from? We are experience making machines moment to moment - all experience is neutral until we create meaning, so nothing to worry about there.

And on aside, what is even less helpful is we can get into the whole debate with our ourselves about - 'is this personal thinking or is it wisdom thinking, should I listen to it' etc (btw if you do have that experience, then you can be pretty sure it isn't wisdom)

But more fundamental than that, why do we find it so important that Mind has wisdom and deep intelligence? Yes it seems it does, but the fact that reassures us, point to some personal thinking. Maybe that is part of human I condition. I don't know, but for me I have found it useful not to get caught up in the idea of wisdom etc . It will do its job any way, I am vessel to it, I don't need to have anything to do with it.