How can an understanding of the Principles behind state of mind help with the toughest endurance cyc


I am lucky enough to have an opportunity to be the state of mind coach for some endurance atheletes who are competing to be the fastest Australian team to cycle non-stop across America. This blog series is documenting some of my learnings as a practitioner of these wonderful principles behind state of mind.

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Learning One

'We don’t think it can be that simple'

(This an insight I have had with all sorts of clients, but this examples illustrates it nicely)

So how do I get these sport and performance-mad Aussies engaged?

I realised that Garrett Kramer’s wonderful book (Still Power) would be an ideal read and might get them curious to find out more. Before that, I realised they needed to actually want to read a book, so I created a short 5 min video, pointing to the fact that there is hidden ‘something else’ that is a massive variable in their performance. A few of them responding quickly wanting to know more, so I suggested they get Garret’s book and then contact me for some 1-1 conversations. Now the majority of them didn’t do that, they took no further action, despite initially saying ‘I am interested.’

So given the importance most of these guys had placed on achieving their goal, why wouldn’t they be open to something that could be a game changer? I am fascinated that there are many of us (me included, in the old days) that think that something as game changing and transformative as this can actually exist - it is almost like nothing that is so simple, free and accessible could ever be true.

I remember once having a client saying the realisation of the principles was a bit like finding a £50 note on the street and wondering, even though it looked perfect, whether it was counterfeit or not…as surely you don’t just walk along and stumble on something great with no catch. I asked why it was important to him whether it was counterfeit or not, as long as you could use it in the shops (after all isn’t that the only purpose of money). And we decided it is because many of us have been conditioned that success/happiness/contentment requires doing and ‘hard work’ - not something you just stumble across for no reason! So I guess we almost can’t comprehend the simple truth that is easier than that.

But of course words are cheap - the proof is in the pudding. I was keen to get the riders who were engaging and starting to see where this new direction was pointing, to tell the others. Well, aren’t separate realities interesting…

Two things, a) the guys that were getting some benefit didn’t really know why or how to articulate it; and b) and the other riders who saw them doing well in their training just put it down to something else.

If you want to keep up with our journey, here is a link – we are the CEF team

Next blog post coming soon - I fly to the USA on the 17th June, very excited only a few days till we start!