Workplace Bullying - Another example of trying fix something ‘Outside-In'

A slightly different, more specific piece, from me today, but it occurred to me after reading some statistics on workplace bullying.

The facts: Research indicates that 16% to 21% of employees have experienced health-endangering bullying and that it’s four times greater than sexual harassment reports. (Yamada, 2008)

Another Survey form Workpro 2011 in Australia states that close to one third (28%) of Australian workers say they have been bullied in the workplace, while 42% of employees report having witnessed their colleagues being bullied and 12% report that it has happened multiple times.

So it is happening. And it is not environment specific - in the US practically every high school in the country has a bullying specialist on staff, and yet, bullying in both environments seems to be getting worse (or at least is being reported and recognized more).

So what are organisations doing about it? They are looking in the wrong place for the answer. Those individuals who are performing the bullying acts are in a low Quality of Mind to such an extent that any behaviour modification prescribed through workplace policies and codes of conducts will be largely ineffective. So dictating more rules, and throwing discipline at the problem is not really solving it. We need look ‘behind the eye’. When we are in low quality of mind (caught up in our muddled compulsive thinking) we are prone to bad feelings, judgment, and bullying. And in high quality of mind (clear, resourceful thinking) the same person is prone to compassion, understanding and positive feelings. This is universal and consistent and applies to any and every human being. As I am sure you know, we tend not to always see this (especially when we are low quality of mind). So giving someone more things to be aware or analyze (i.e. more thinking), in an attempt to cure a situation that is only the result of too much noise (thinking) in a person’s head. Is not it going to work.

However equipping someone with a true understanding that it is only ever their thinking creating their feelings, not the action of another person or a set of circumstances.

They then stop blaming outside events for their low feeling state, and actually - even better - they realize that a low quality of mind will pass and new thinking about the situation is always available...usually just round the corner . The work I focus on is based on some fundamental principles, one of which we can articulate as human beings can only ever feel their thinking in the moment. So enabling someone to have a deep realisation of that principle for themselves, due to its innate and universal nature, produces substantial and pervasive effects. Read More

If you are interested in having a conversation about the implication of Quality of Mind in workplace (of course bullying is just one very specific consequence) then drop me a line.

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