Why you feel how you feel?

As humans, if we feel wrong, sad, angry, happy – whatever the emotion or feelings - we have a tendency to attribute that emotion to a cause, or outside event. Was it the place? The people? The situation? The consequences of the circumstances we created? And so forth. We look around to see what caused it, and then to see whether we can fix it, change it, hold onto it, replicate it, blame it, or run away from it. Sometimes it appears obvious and we know what has caused it. Sometimes it is less obvious and so we guess, or we assume it was whatever had caused it last time. And sometimes we even puzzle ourselves anxiously trying to find out 'how come?'… ‘what makes it or me like that?’ etc.

But what if this was all unnecessary? What if you always knew what had caused something, because it was always the same thing? Wouldn't that remove some of the hassle out life? Or would you assume life couldn’t really be that simple?

Well, it is that simple. But most of us haven’t realised it yet. Even though we have all experienced it (we can't not as it is how the system works) - we just didn't notice what it was or where it came, or more commonly we misunderstood where it came from.

Why is so hard to see where it does come from then? Well, it kind of hides behind a misunderstanding that doesn't look like a misunderstanding! However once we truly see it, it will look as obvious as the reason why we don't do rain dances or sacrifice goats to appease the fertility gods any more.

So? Where do our feelings and emotions come from then if it isn’t outside us?

Our thoughts.

And before you dismiss the idea as too simplistic, I want you to stop and pause. On the surface, this is nothing new - just as no-one could really ‘discover’ gravity as new, this to has always existed. But dig a little deeper and you can see this is entirely new way of looking at it. It doesn't involve any techniques, models to master or even really doing anything. It just requires new understanding and realisation about what is already true about the human condition and universe we live in. Which anyone can see, regardless of IQ, age, circumstances etc and it applies to every area in your life....

I am not saying here that thoughts have a role to play in how we feel and that thoughts can mitigate certain situations i.e. you can reframe losing a mobile phone as a good chance to get a new phone. I am saying it is 100% thought - it is only thought that creates our feelings and it is never the outside event…even though it might often feel like it is…

And the misunderstanding is, that we life live as though our feelings about things and ourselves come from the outside world. We think that we need certain things to occur in the world of events and circumstance to ensure we are happy, secure, and worthwhile. As it often can look like this is the case, then we assume it is how it works.

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