What I have learnt from a 2 year old..... Learnt Fear

I have just returned from a visit to see my 12 year old nephew, who has a pet python (we are currently in Queensland in Australia, where having a domestic pet of something who relatives live just across the garden somehow seems less peculiar). Anyway we took the kids (at this stage Abbey 3 year and Max 16 months) to see their cousins. When my nephew emerged from his bedroom carrying this pet snake, 2 things happened:

1. My 3 year old, Abbey, freaked out and wouldn’t go anywhere near it

2. My 16 month old, Max, crawled up to it and wanted to play

If ever I wanted to see a living demonstration of a key fact I tell so many of my clients ‘that most of our fears are learnt’….there it was, in real time.

Max did need some restraining in case 'Monty' fancied getting too intimate, but the snake felt very at ease in his presence, and not in a 'lunch seeking way'. They bonded as well as cross species organisms can. Abbey, when asked why she didn’t want to go near it, said she was scared and promptly ran away.

So there is no rule in nature or the universe that we have to be scared of stuff…..what we are actually scared of is our thoughts. Now that doesn’t mean some of those thoughts aren’t useful, i.e. that bus is very close….but perhaps pay more attention to which thoughts you decide to agree with.

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