What I have learnt from a 2 year old..... Insight or Drivel?

'Out of the mouths of babes' - sometimes a thought or utterance comes out of her mouth and it stops me in my tracks, as either it is a question I can't answer easily, or more interestingly a question I had never thought of asking. Now some of these utterances are complete nonsense, some just cute, and some downright insightful!! Below I have shared a random selection, they may mean nothing to you, they may make you laugh, you may think I am being 'fatherly blind spotted' to their significance, or maybe, just maybe you will find them insightful.......

  • What do clouds eat.....?

  • Where does the sun go when it finishes here?

  • Why does that person keep talking....

  • Don't worry Mummy, it is only rain....we can get dry again soon

  • Why do my socks need to match?

  • Where has that picture in my head gone?

  • I am only pretending when I think....

  • Ice cream is ok sometimes, but it won't make me grow big enough to get a bike with a bell

  • Why do you have to work so much Daddy......holidays seem more fun

  • Breakfast, lunch, supper... sometimes I just want to eat when my tummy tells me

  • I want to be a dragon when I grow up, but they are only pretend, so I might have to see what else there is, maybe a fairy

AND my all time favourite....

'Help. help me... where has it gone, turn it back on - I WAS WATCHING THAT!'....(in middle of the night when her dream had stopped and she wanted it back on)