The World is our Oyster...or is it a Tree?

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The World is our Oyster...or is it a Tree?

Often when I am working with clients they talk about how overwhelmed they feel with the lack of clarity about their future plans, and how they are procrastinating about different choices and internal conflicts. So I might offer them a metaphor to help their understanding, I talk about how the freedom of choice is the one most powerful, inspiring and enabling things we have as a human, especially as for most of us, our very basic needs we have already taken care of (e.g. food and shelter) so really the world is our oyster on what else we do, it up to us. Compare all these feelings of being overwhelmed to that of other species or even to a simple tree - all a tree has to do is grow towards the light. It doesn't have to decide where to be planted, which trees to be next to, what colours its leaves are, or what it wants to do to make it most fruitful for the next 10 years.

Choice can be the most empowering and enabling thing we have. Or, we can let it get in the way and convert it into something unhelpful. It is what is distinguishes us from other forms and species on our planet, the freedom of choice. The world, for most of us, is very much is our oyster, but we don't always choose to see it like that. All these external and situational pressures from outside us, on what we should and shouldn't do, manufactures the very powerful illusion that our circumstances create our feelings (more about that illusion other time).

But, back to our tree. So we may be thinking how limiting it is to be a tree, and isn't it wonderful that us humans have evolved to be the most sophisticated species with the ability to have endless fulfilment.... although sometimes, I do envy the tree. It only has one aim - to grow towards the distractions, not worry about other trees, pure focus on natural growth......and of course a tree doesn't grow and flourish DESPITE its environment, but rather because of it......

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