RAAM - Mindset Resources
A selection videos and recordings where you can learn more what we have been discussing

Intro Video for Riders - The Hidden Variable

Crew Webinar Video Recording

Intro Video for Crew 

Stillpower - The Book


A great little book that discussses the principles behind StillPower

Another little book what gets in the way of clarity and resourcefulness - Thought

A short pdf on some tips for spotting and maintaning our Quality of Mind >>

2min Stillpower Trailer


What is still power .v. will power

How do we get there?

Getting rid of sticky thoughts

What about pain and fatigue?

Where does performance come from?

More about  'Thought' (10 mins)

4min - Stillpower .v. Willpower

Some short (approx 3mins each) audio recordings answering some common questions
What Else?  Let me know other questions you would like me to do a recording on?

What are these 3 Principles and why do they matter (45min)

The Inner Source of Superb Performance  - Jamie Smart

Some longer recordings that talk about the principles behind this approach

14min - Why aren't we awesomer 

Download the Mp3 >>


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