So what exactly is Quality of Mind? 


It is the key determinant in any moment to our behaviour, and therefore our performance and productivity. It is often invisible and usually misunderstood i.e. taken as reality. 


It creates our experience of the outside world. It turns up in everything we do, and gives us the capacity to shift from one perspective to another. It is the level of consciousness that are we able to see the world in any moment.  A key implication of this for workplace behaviour is that it determines our resourcefulness in any moment.



The real benefit comes when we understand and realise at a deep level where our quality of mind in the moment actually comes from. 


Often, when it comes to people’s behaviour it is seen as ‘that’s just how things are’ and so there is a general acceptance to people’s low quality of mind getting in the way of personal and organisational performance. It is almost seen as one of the costs of being in business e.g. that there will be internal conflict, people will be stressed, some will have low levels of engagement, and that change will be hard etc..... 


But it does not have to be like that - not if people really understand where their quality of mind comes from.

'Quality of Mind'

Mindset Transformation Coaching for Organisations or Life in London
Mindset Transformation Coaching for Organisations or Life in London

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'What is actually determining workplace performance?'


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