Do they apply to everyone?
I often  get asked whether these Principles 'work' for everyone? 

They are principles, not ideas, concepts or belief systems. They are purely descriptive. The Principles are universal, and we all have access to the same realisation and understanding.  This approach doesn’t require you to have a certain IQ, or be a certain age, or commit to doing techniques or practice every day. It is based on what is true, for all of us. No exceptions. Whether you can actually see that for yourself is a different question.

What is the benefit of this understanding? 


The implications that can come from this understanding are, for most people, life changing. You gain a true sense of freedom and ease from which to navigate life. Past narratives drop away and possibilities emerge. For most people, it becomes difficult to relate to how they used to see their lives. 


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3 Principles
My work is based on enabling people to have some new realisations about the fundamental principles of how we all create our experience of the world.
It is more about understanding 'the electricity not the lights bulbs'
What are these principles?

Three pyscho-spiritual principles discovered by Sydney Banks in 1973. They are a metaphor for what is creating our experience in any moment. They apply to everyone, all the time, and we are experiencing their effects whether we know about them or not.  They are 'mind', 'thought' and 'consciousness'.   That might mean very little to you, so listen to some of my Mp3's  >> or read some of my articles >>


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The basis of the work is from 'The Three Principles', revealed by Sydney Banks. How it fits with coaching is currently being developed by some thought leaders like Michael Neill. Read and experience more here.>>

The Principles