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  • What are the benefits of this form of coaching?


  • What is based on?  The Three Principles


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What is Transformative Coaching and what difference has it made?

 if I had to capture the benefit in a sentence I would say this: It has freed my mind. It has freed hours of my time and a ton mental energy..." 

“This is truly transformational. I feel reluctant to try to express it in words, because I won’t do justice to the huge impact, it has truly changed my personal and professional life"

So What are these 3 Principles? Part 1 - The Nature of Principles

What is transformative coaching and how is it different? (mp3)

So What are these 3 Principles? Part 2 - A Technical Description 

More about  'Thought'

Our time together has quite simply been one of the best investments of time and money I have ever made.”