The variety of my experience and expertise creates a powerful and versatile combination. I understand people, and I understand the commerical world.


I was lucky enough to be born into a family business that has been around for five generations, so commerical conversations over breakfast was the norm. I am now a Group Board non-executive director of that business, a UK-based SME manufacturing business.


After obtaining a Law Degree (LLB)  from University of Durham, I started my career in consumer branding working client-side for Diageo, Walkers Snack Foods and Mars Confectionery. I then moved into consultancy in that area, understanding and enabling brands to use insight and innovation to leverage consumer needs. I worked along side branding agencies such as Futurebrand, Innovate and Nitro, where I designed and facilitated workshops around the world for clients on topics such as innovation, culture alignment and strategic visioning. 


Twelve years ago, I discovered the world of change and transformation. Since then I have developed businesses working with individuals, teams and organisations to enable them to realise their potential from an inside-out perspective, enabling sustainable ‘behind the eye’ change.

In 2007, I co-founded Making Change Work  - a business focussing on behaviour change in organisations. 

My Commercial Expertise

My client experience includes:  
Unilever, Mars,  Kraft, Coca Cola, Ford, HSBC, Barclays, GSK, ASDA, Bacardi, BSKYB, Anglepoise, Tesco, NHS, London Borough of Camden, and Chester West & Cheshire Council.  
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