More on My Coaching

What are the typical areas I work with people on?

Getting more out of life – increasing sense of motivation and purpose

Career decisions and development

Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development

Confidence and self esteem

Relationship decisions

Increasing flexibility or creativity

Overcoming procrastination

Overcoming anxiety and fear

Navigating life goals

Work / life balance, and stress management

Improve communication effectiveness

Are you ready for coaching? 

But what do we actually do in the sessions?

I help you get a shift in clarity and understanding about how you have created your experience

I help you understand how easy it is to determine what you want out of life

I help you find it easier to gain clarity and make decisions

I help you navigate your goals values, beliefs and identity

I help you understand how and why you think and feel the way you do

Inquire into the fundamental understanding that determines how we see the world


Above all, I listen to your issues and situation, and then enable you to see them differently.


What I won’t do:

Patronise you or make value judgements

Promise what I can’t deliver

Give you all the answers – I will, however, help you decide what you want for yourself

Predict your future, cleanse your aura, or rearrange your furniture


My Coaching Terms and Conditions