Recent Media Events

July 2018 - ongoing



This podcast series explores a game-changing understanding of the human mind that can increase the performance resourcefulnEss and well-being in any business or organisation. 

18-19 May 2018

I am speaking at this international conference, on the subjects of business and parenting in the lovely city of Prague

April 2018

I had a short few minute slot on the Talk Radio Dan Wotton's show talking about forgiveness. Short and sweet! link

Jan 2018

Coaching Life - Podcast

I have been interviewed twice on the Coaching Life podcast show- Ep 28 and Ep 2

March 2018

The 3Ps – So what! Coaching Connect Podcast

21st -23rd May 2017

Always a wonderful event, bigger and better every year. This year I am a speaker on the Business 2.0 event. So come along!!  Tickets here 

Feb 2018

A podcast interview with Divine Play - Where science and Philosophy meet 

November 2016

HAKUNA MATATA – FEARS AND ANXIETIES. You might need to subscribe to view this video

26-27 May 2017

I am speaking at this conference, first time in the lovely city of Prague

October 2016

An article published on a parenting site -  Changing lives with the 3 Principles; one family at a time

August 2016

I had a 6 min slot on the Talk Radio Penny Smith Breakfast. Short and sweet! link

June 2016

In this episode of the Relationship Series, Piers Thurston speaks candidly with Ankush about his very recent separation and divorce. Piers talks about how he was able to use his "state of mind" knowledge and understanding of how life works to come out the other side healthy and intact.

June 2016

A podcast where I was interviewed on the Primal Happiness show on my own personal marriage break up!

December 2015

Topics include:

‘Unlearning tools and techniques’

'Introducing spiritual principles to businesses'

'Aaccessing ‘quality of mind’ v ‘Thinking’

April 2015

Podcast on the Born Happy Show

Jan 2016

Have a listen to Piers coach a client through the 3 Principles approach. There is a session 2 available as well to see the changes

Feb 2015

Why I fall out of Love 10 times a day with my wife

Jan 2015

iThinkLots Radio by Paul Davies - Episode #1: Enabling Mindset Transformation with Piers Thurston

October 2014

Listen to a me transformatively coach a client on her business Also availible on iTunes Podcast


August 2014

Part of the 'HAPPINESS 101' series for the Born Happy portal

July 2014

An article I was quoted in. Notice the difference in my perspective to the other experts...

May 2014

"Relationships - Which direction are you pointing your clients?"

March 2014

The Australian Institute of Company Directors 

March 27th - 2014

How to create meaningful relationships and connections. It's not about the communication....

February 26th - 2014

An article explaining how you can't have a stressful job! It is not the job that is stressful, just your thinking....

An article showing why goal setting isn't always effective

Jan 2014

Enable yourself to have a realisation that stressful events, dont actually exist....

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