A selection resources on The 3 Principles and 'Inside Out' understanding which underpin my work

Aaron Turner Phd describing the role of the Principles in organisations

Michael Neill describes how he explored his understanding of the Principles

The Principles in business

THREE PRINCIPLES MOVIES site - wonderful site, probably the most comprehensive source of videos and recordings on the web. Every application of the Principles covered.  LINK


TIKUN CENTRE - based in London, Tikun does great work on sharing the Principles, hosting conference, seminars, and making them all accessible online as video or Mp3.  LINK  (p.s. see me at TIKUN giving a talk about stress  LINK ) 


INSIDE OUT REVOLUTION - Michael Neill's site that promote his fantastic new book  LINK


THREE PRINCIPLES GLOBAL COMMUNITY - another great organisations promoting and sharing the principles  LINK


SYDNEY BANKS.org  - The original site of the late (d.2009)  Sydney Banks, the founder of the 3 Principles understanding LINK.                                      A video from Syd LINK


Other great authors and Thought Leaders on the Principles


  • Elise Spittle

  • DIcken Bettinger

  • George Pransky

  • Garret Kramer

Further Resources
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