Aaron Turner Phd describing the some of the implications of the principles for individuals

A short snapshot of the wide ranging nature of the benefits of the principles

Mara Gleason explains how change can happen so fast

Just by a shift in their understanding my clients experience:
  • Higher levels of peace of mind 

  • Gain more resilience, and become ‘discouragement proof’. Significant reduction in stress.

  • A release from previous narratives and limitations. A greater sense of authenticity,  and are affected less by what others think

  • Greater effectiveness, and overlooked levels of capability. 

  • Higher levels of engagement & rapport with others

  •  A renewed deeper sense of meaning and connection with their work, family and life in general

  • Decision-making becomes more obvious and an increase in what they believe is possible

  • A life that just becomes more effortless and simple


See this short video on the benefits for businesses and organisations >>

The Benefits?