Coaching Packages

What will my investment be?


The transformative coaching programme is an investment in yourself, a commitment in time, money and openness to change. 

How Long? 

  • My programmes are bespoke, because everyone is different, however we start off we working  together over a number of months (usually 4-6) to enable a shift in understanding and some embedding of that understanding into your day to day life. 

  • Due to the non-intellectual nature of this shift, time is never directly the enabler or constraint on you achieving the benefits. Therefore, I don’t run a strict ‘taxi meter’ on the time we work together, instead we do what it takes (I apply a principle or reasonableness to this). So you are investing in the result not necessarily the time spent.



  • As for my fees - for an introductory session, the rate starts from £195 for a 90min session. If following the introductory session you want to continue to a full coaching programme,  prices vary depending on the how we work together, however they start from £2,795. The price of any initial session is waived if you continue with the programme. 

  • I also run 'intensives' which are  3 day immersion into the Principles behind how we create our reality. These start from are £1950 and are face to face only

  • I have a principle that it is very important to me that my clients find value in us working together and therefore if you ever felt that was not the case we would discuss a part or full refund i.e. you can back out if it isn't right for you

  • To answer some more of your questions on how I work have a look here. 

Is it worth it? The value proposition 


That is not a question I can answer for you, as it depends on what you value. However most people value happiness, peace of mind, freedom and connection (actually that is why we already spend money of many of the things in life that we do e.g. holidays, pensions, social gatherings, nice cars, & colthes etc etc). The understanding  we immerse ourselves in during our coaching lets you access more of those feelings innately from the inside out, so you don't need so much, although because you will be more effective in the outside world you will increase your ability to obtain them and enjoy them.

Don't take my word for it, see what past clients have said -  results>> 


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