Mentoring for Other Coaches​ and Facilitators

Mentoring is a little different to coaching. While it does use a coaching approach and style, it is a more directive form of support where I – the mentor- use some of my own experiences to enable you.


Due to my 16 years experience as coach, I can be an effective mentor for coaches in two key areas:


  • In their ability to be a better coach/facilitator, due to my background in The 3 Principles, NLP, Clean Language, and Coaching. My focus is now solely on Three Principles mentoring, where I enable other facilitators to deepen their grounding.


  • Build a successful practice and develop their brand.  Before being a coach I worked in brand development for some of the world's leading brand owners, and I have had a successful coaching practice for more than 10 years, so I can offer mentoring as well as coaching support in this area. 


If you would like more information on any of my programmes, please just drop me a line.

Piers has helped me identify my niche market and how to develop this. Not through conventional means, but by enabling me to access my own inner wisdom. As a result, business is just rolling in!  



-Rita Jeffery -Business Coach London

"Completely exceeded my expectations; changed who I am as a coach and a person”  


-Matthew, London

Some videos of keynote I gave at 3P conference for coaches
  • ‘Unlearning tools and techniques’

  • Introducing spiritual principles to businesses

  • Accessing ‘Quality of Mind’ v ‘Thinking’

Coach Mentoring