How Does My Coaching Work?

How do we go about having a coaching relationship?

Many of of my clients presenting reasons for wanting a coach may vary but at the core they want step change in their experience the world. That is the level we coach at;  deep, powerful and transformational. We create a space where I support, challenge and serve you, and most importantly point you in the direction some profound, yet practically game changing principles about the creation of our human experience.


We have an initial conversation to mutually check out fit and for me to explain the nature of transformation. We then develop a programme which typically is a balance of your initial logistical constraints and the most suitable way of scheduling transformative coaching sessions


I have a tailored approach to my coaching and every client's perceived needs and logisitical requirements are different. What is similiar is the grounding for my work, and the potential for transformation.


My clients tend to find that the time, money and diary constraints dramatically loosen when they get an initial experience of the nature of the transformation on offer. 

If you want to know more about how I enable transformation and the grounding for my work   
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