Coaching for SMEs

Often once my client has had a realisation of simplicity and ease in which they can navigate life,  we discuss how they can thrive in their business.

Due to my previous experience in working as a business consultant, as a non-executive board director, and in running several businesses myself, I can also work with small business, in a pure coaching or mentoring capacity.  I have successfully worked with a variety of small businesses across a number of sectors including creative industries, manufacturing, and professional services.


There are 3 broad areas that I can work with you on as business coach (although often what we end up doing is a mixture of all these):


1. Business performance coaching  - enabling you to be more effective in what you do as the key asset for your business, covering topics such as:


  • Leadership

  • Time management and prioritisation - work-life balance

  • Staff management and motivation

  • Business Process Engineering

  • Marketing and branding

  • Business development


2. Setting the vision, brand strategy and culture of the business, including intregrating your personal brand


3. 'Me in my business' - the role you want the business to play in your life and your role as a leader of that business