Transformative Coaching

Coaching for Private Clients

I work with individuals who want to transform their lives. People who want the gap between dreams and reality to evaporate. You might be 'stuck in a rut' and need coaching to get you out, or you might want to raise the bar on success and happiness. My clients find that regardless of what they think they wanted from coaching, they gain even more. My Transformative Coaching approach is different to other forms of life coaching.

Coaching in Organizations

I work as an executive and leadership coach with individuals and groups. I am also an experienced trainer of coaching skills in organisations and have developed coaching cultures within private companies and UK Government departments. 

Coaching Mentoring

I work with other life and business coaches to enable them to increase their grounding and effectiveness as coaches, and also to develop their client creation and practice-building behaviours.

Coaching for SMEs

I am an experienced business consultant, a non-executive board director, and also run several businesses myself. I work with small businesses either purely as a coach, or in a mentoring capacity.