The 3 Principles Webinars with Piers are a great way to re-new or further your understanding of the 3 Principles and how they work. As Life & Career Coach I am always looking for new ways to work with my clients and I had discovered the 3 Principles many years ago, long before I became a coach, but whereas I a had a personal understanding of the principles I wasn't as overt in sharing my understanding with my clients. So folowing our webinars, I was delighted when I had a particularly good response from a client who was suffering with deep depression and all other standard coaching approaches were not helping him. I decided to work with him directly on the 3 Principle and he has had life changing experiences from this. I would definitely use this approach with my clients again. I find it helpful to listen again to the recordings of the webinars to further deepen my grounding. I recommend these webinars to anyone interested in improving the quality of their own life and/or the lives of others they come into contact with both in their personal and professional life.

Lorna Stewart, ACC

If you are a coach who is curious about how to weave the 3 Principles into your sessions, then these webinars are a must. Before them, I kept looking for the 'process' to follow. Piers unravels the 3p in such a way that it helps you access to your own innate wisdom. This has enabled me to work with clients at a totally different level, giving them wonderful insights into their own well being and source of wisdom

Rita Jeffery, Coach, and Coaching Skills Assesor 

"It is the closest thing to magic that I have experienced”

“I have had the privilege of working both one on one and through webinars with Piers and have found it  all very useful. Deepening my understanding together with others on the webinars has helped me to learn both personally and professionally. The one on one sessions with Piers I found enlightening,  and helped me to see my own understanding from a new perspective and enbaled me to bring it more fully into my professional environment. I would highly recommend both one on one sessions and webinars"

 Lorna,  Oakwood Inspirational

After immersing myself for many years in both the esoteric and intellectual approaches to human psychology, I now feel with the principles and Piers’s mentorship I have found my essence, my home, and the key to my liberation and potential

Loredana Popasav, Prague

As a coach this webinar series is a brilliant way to reconnect with what really lies behind all the 'how to' techniques that you may have used in your work... until now. From exploring the implications of the 3 Principles  you can gain awareness and personal insight that becomes all pervasive. In turn this will inevitably touch the way in which you can support your clients at a deeper level. This was a wonderful, easy and effortless learning forum. The webinar discussions were expertly guided by Piers, so that as a group our learning continued to evolve in a peaceful and fluid way.

Louise Tufnell, Partner Inside 80